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Become a Westerners Intern!

If you are a fun person with an outgoing personality and willingness to work with other people your own age as well as talented baseball players from all over the country, we want you to join our team! Consider interning with the Westerners for the upcoming season. Interns are expected to be available from mid/late May to early August, and be at the ballpark by 5:00PM for home games.

Please submit a cover letter expressing which position(s) you are interested in, your resume, and at least two references to Paul Schaffer at  In order to be considered, you must have local housing and transportation.  All of our internships are unpaid positions, but may be eligible for college credit.

All interns are expected to assist in the Westerners summer fundraising efforts, including the annual Celebrity Breakfast and Charity Golf Tournament.

List of Intern Positions
Game Day Operations
- Lead
In The Press Box
- Public Address Announcer
- Internet Broadcaster
- Scorekeeper / Statistician
- Scoreboard Operator
- Audio Director
- Videographer
On The Field
- Journalist
- Sports Director
- Entertainment Coordinator(s)
- Merchandise
- "Westy"
Behind The Scenes
- Webmaster
- Marketing Assistant

Game Day Operations
This is the most demanding position offered by the Westerners.  This individual will be responsible for preparing the game day script for each home game, which involves recognition of the game’s sponsor(s) and honored guests.  Before each home game this individual coordinates the proofing and production of game-day program.  For home game, this person ensures that pre-game festivities are properly choreographed, between inning contests are organized and executed flawlessly, and issues are timely addressed.  This person must have strong organizational and communication skills, be flexible and energetic.  This person will work closely with the President, the Chief Operations Officer and the Game Day Field Operations team.

In the Press Box
Public Address Announcer
Goal is to make the fans feel welcome in a professional setting.  Review correct pronunciation of all players, coaches and umpires (including university, hometown, etc.), sponsors, etc. prior to the game.  Give fans facility locations:  restrooms, merchandise, food concessions, etc.  Help coordinate public address scripts plus develop and prepare player and pregame announcements. Recite public service announcements in scripts, acknowledgement of sponsors, 50-50 raffle, and other raffle prizes- coordinate a system for the announcement of raffle winners plus communication with the on-field between inning activities with the Entertainment interns.  Be synchronized with the on-field Entertainment Coordinators- requires flexibility and ability to react quickly to unforeseen issues.  Public Address Announcer must sign the NECBL’s “Rules of Contact”.  

Internet Broadcaster
Mandatory training (prior to commencement of season) with external vendor to ensure he/she understands the interrelationship between the video equipment, related software and internet broadcaster’s laptop (required).  Travel to all away games and serve as the visiting color commentator.  At home games, integrate the public address scripts into your presentation- understand the flow of the game, timing of music, raffles, contests, etc.  Know the players and coaches for both the Westerners and the opposition- including correct pronunciation of all players, coaches and umpires (including university, hometown, etc.), sponsors, etc.  During broadcast (including pre-game) acknowledge player achievements, player of the week selections, all-star selections.  Assist with public address scripts including internet commercials and musical interludes between innings.  Make sure that there is excellent communication with the internet videographers.  Broadcaster must sign the NECBL’s “Rules of Contact”.  

Mandatory training before season commences; this involves special training with software provided used by the NECBL.  Record starting line-ups (including umpires), and keep score of game, including recording all player substitutions.  Record attendance and transmit results immediately after the game ends.  In addition, Statistician must ensure starting pitcher for next game is submitted before submitting results.

Scoreboard Operator
Update the scoreboard after each pitch.  Serve as back-up to the Scorekeeper/Statistician, including consultation on judgment plays, if required.

Audio Director
Responsible for all audio played before and during the ballgame.  Ensure that audio system is properly tested before each game, with proper placement of equipment and appropriate level of audio.  Download music, including the National Anthem (to be played if not performed live), Westerners theme song, God Bless America, Take Me Out to the Ball Game and more.  In addition, download appropriate clips for each player’s walk-up songs, ensuring it is appropriate for broadcast.  Work with Public Address announcer so as not to play music loudly while announcements are being made. Dismantle connections after each game.

Video tape for the live streaming at games and edit all games. Run cameras efficiently using switching control person as the engineer. Coordinate activities with the broadcaster and the public address announcer. Coordinate with the internet broadcaster, the public address announcer and TRZ, our audio /video streaming people.

On the Field
Write and edit game recaps, press releases, team blogs and/or feature web articles.  Accompany the Internet Broadcaster to away games.  Immediately after the conclusion of ballgame, the Journalist is responsible to report pertinent information including a game story to the League and Team website, and to other local media.  Obtain current statistics from Statistician/Scorekeeper as needed.  Other duties include the expansion of journalistic accounts with stories for the media, blogs on our website, use of Facebook and Twitter, plus player and coach interviews whenever possible.  Also assist the yearbook for appropriate content, including ballplayer biographies.

Sports Director
The Sports Director will work closely with the General Manager to assist in his duties.  Responsibilities include ensuring the roster is complete and accurate on both NECBL and Westerners’ website, gathering statistics for each player, and communicating such to the Press Box interns.  In addition, at the beginning of the season the Sports Director will update and disseminate a meal schedule by contacting each NECBL team and determine the meal options the Westerners have when on the road, and meal options the Westerners will provide to our opponents. Once updated, the Sports Director will coordinate this process for all home games.  Moreover, this individual will coordinate team-wide communications, such as postponements, to all relevant parties.  

The Sports Director will also coordinate all player appearances in the community, working closely with the Westerners’ coaches and the Westerner’s Outreach Program.  In addition, if there is a Birthday Party he/she needs to contact the Westerner’s pizza provider, and arrange for pick-up of donated pizzas.  Lastly, the Sports Director will work closely with President on ad hoc requests, including community relations.

Entertainment Coordinator(s)
Play a major role in creation of the game production; develop and man on-field promotions, contests, entertainment, and mascot appearances.  Creativity is encouraged!  Work with Game Day Operations- Lead for pre-game activities.  Be prepared to deal with unusual situations like rain delays.  Prepare and help distribute special flyers, schedules, posters, press releases.  Coordinate all birthday parties, which include meeting parents, ensuring ample supply of drinks and sundries, distributing t-shirts, and collecting net amount due to the Westerners.  Assist in 50/50 raffle as required, including working with ballplayers.  

For Home games, serve as “Team Ambassador” (along with Board member) for pre-game activities, including, when scheduled,
•    Introduction of honored charity- greets them, explain the pre-game activities, allow few remarks, take pictures, etc. Note: need to contact the scheduled sponsored charity and financial sponsor at least two weeks prior to their game night.  
•    Coordinate National Anthem (performer should arrive no later than 6:00)- ensure wireless microphone is functioning
•    Introduce local youth baseball team running out onto field (when appropriate)
•    First Pitch- make sure recipient has baseball, exchange for team-autographed ball after pitch is thrown
•    Recruit 1-2 ballplayers (before game) for 50/50 raffle

Display and sell merchandise at games- this involves set up the display neatly, and closing down the stand at end of game, with merchandise properly organized (i.e., same t-shirt sizes grouped together).  Set up inventory spreadsheets to track inventory at beginning and end of night, with reconciliation to merchandise sold.  Perform weekly inventories of merchandise, submitting reports to President and Treasurer.  

Website Coordinator
Post daily news updates, pictures and video on the Westerners Website. Provide on-going maintenance to Westerners website. Work hand in hand with promotions, public address, Internet broadcasters, videographers, photographers and local media to keep website fresh and entertaining. Broadcast constant contact News Flashes in conjunction to events and upcoming games. Coordinate Twitter and Facebook activities on a daily basis. Help create and implement new modules for Internet website.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to entertain families without anyone knowing your identity?  If you are energetic and creative the opportunity to be Westy, the official mascot of the Danbury Westerners, may be ideal!  Responsibilities include greeting fans before and during the game, greeting special guests (including any birthday party honorees), posing for pictures and signing autographs.  In addition, besides entertaining fans at our home games, Westy makes numerous appearances at elementary schools, libraries, restaurants and other venues.
Behind the Scenes
The Webmaster will update website throughout season as well as off-season for recognition of sponsors, fundraisers, appearances, etc.  Disseminate e-mail blasts, primarily during the season to communicate team’s performance, as well as off-season.  Update database for new e-mail addresses for electronic distribution of information.  Update webpage after each home game for article written by travel journalist.

Marketing Assistant
Assist in reviewing, developing and implementing marketing plan for the organization, with concentration on in-season duties, in conjunction with Danbury Westerners Marketing Committee.  Review and update website content, ensuring website is timely updated for upcoming events, as well as make and implement recommendations for aesthetic improvements.  Review team brochures and fundraising opportunities.  Help coordinate player appearances at local schools and events.  Coordinate all e-mail blasts, including recap of prior game.